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Shipping, Refunds & Order Tracking

Learn more about our Shipping and 100% REFUND policies. Track your Order


Shipping Information

Most of our orders will be shipped for free using EMS. You will be provided with a tracking number and you can track orders directly from this page using the search below.

Your package will be discretely and safely packaged.

Refund Policy

Orders to Australia, the UK and the US are fully covered by our 100% Refund Policy. If you order is seized we will reship and if the reshipment is also seized we will REFUND YOU 100%

All other countries are dealt with on a case by case basis. Please contact us before placing an order. If you live in a country with stringent custom controls, we encourage you to look at setting up your own mail forwarding service. Please have a look at this article on our blog for further information.

Please be advised that we cannot provide a reship/refund if:

  • You provide us with an incorrect address
  • You did not collect item from your local postal office
  • Your parcel is marked as “returned to sender” for any of these two reasons above