Modafinil and making music

Like any creative endeavour, music requires long hours of intense concentration. It’s not just the moment you sit down to create either; the practice you need behind you also means long days and nights of intense focus. Modafinil will never make you a great musician, but it is a powerful tool for remaining on task and keeping your brain sharp.

Scales and arpeggios are key components of any practice regime and regardless of whether you play piano, guitar, trumpet, violin, or any of the thousands of instruments available, they are also two of the dullest. Modafinil enables you to really hone in on the scale and make light work of the constant repetition, meaning that you can practice them over and over again, with precision and accuracy. Of course, you can do this without modafinil, and musicians throughout history have mastered their instrument through sheer toil alone, but for those of us who aren’t Mozart, Miles Davis or Jimi Hendrix, modafinil gives us an edge.

When it comes times to write a song or compose a piece, modafinil again enables the complete concentration needed to get the best from your efforts. There’s no shortcuts when it comes to making music or any kind of art, but having a tool that facilitates complete and utter focus means that you can get the most from your time and exertions. You don’t want any moments of laziness or frustration to impact the finished work and modafinil unleashes your inner perfectionist, ensuring you get the details right. From the bassline to the melody to the harmonies, you need to make sure everything is perfect, right down to the merest semi-quaver. The focus modafinil affords means that these won’t simply be frustrating details that you decide are good enough, but the crux of your art work that will drive you to get them exactly right.

Modafinil, whether you prefer Modalert, Wakalert, or any of the Modabits varieties, isn’t a shortcut to genius. Instead it is the spark that will light the fire of your creativity, ensuring that you don’t simply settle for what you can be bothered doing. Instead, it shuts out the nagging voice in your head insisting that you’re bored or tired, that there is something less taxing to do, that watching tv is an easier option and more fun. Modafinil allows you to be your best self, taking away the distractions that cripple the creative process and turn your mediocrity into a potent creative force that will reward you endlessly the more you open your mind to it.

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