Bromantane promises an improved sleep cycle, decreased feelings of nervousness, and heightened productivity… but is it right for you?

Whether you’re considering a supplement or a prescription medication, it’s always important to make an informed decision with the benefit of medical research. By the end of this quick article, you should have a good idea of whether or not this supplement could be of benefit to your health.

Why Bromantane?

In our fast-paced world, it can feel like the demands never end, causing stress and tension to flood a person’s life with sleeplessness, depression, and anxiety. Bromantane can decrease these symptoms, helping to restore peace and comfort. With better sleep and an easier ability to be productive, Bromantane is an attractive option.

Sold under the name Ladasten, Russian doctors prescribe Bromantane to treat neurasthenia in patients. Neurasthenia is described as extreme nervousness, often accompanied by sleepless nights and anxiousness. Though the diagnosis is a little outdated, from Freudian times, many of us can relate to these feelings and could benefit from this supplement. It’s considered a mild psych stimulant and performance-enhancing drug, for its ability to increase physical and mental performance.

How Long Has this Drug Been on the Market?

In the 1960s, doctors prescribed it as an anti-flu medicine. During the Cold War, Soviet soldiers were given the drug to recover from high physical exertion. After the breakup of the Soviet Union, Bromantane continued to be used in sports medicine. At the 1996 Olympic Games, the Olympic committee added the drug to a list of banned performance enhancing drugs. In 2009, Bromantane was released under the brand name Ladasten in Russia, where it is still used today. With decades of use, the drug carries a strong history of safe use in both humans and animals.

What the Research Says

Many years of safe use in patients around the world show Bromantane has a long-standing safety record. In a 2010 study on 728 patients, Bromantane was found safe and effective at improving quality of life in 76% of patients. Participants were separated into a control group, a 50 mg dosage group and a 100 mg dosage group. Authors of the study noted it was easily tolerated and held many possible uses. The drug’s effects started 1-3 days after taking it, and lasted about a month after participants stopped taking it. Studies in rats showed an increased sex drive and greater dopamine levels, in both genders.

Are the Side Effects Worth the Risk?

Bromantane has low side effects and no known symptoms of withdrawal or dependence. While many psycho-stimulants can cause body temperatures to rise, emotional turbulence, or exhaustion, Bromantane hasn’t been linked to any of these reactions.

Deciding if Bromantane is Right for You

Most of us would agree that a long safety record, many potential benefits, and no signs of addiction combined to make Bromantane a promising, low-risk option. With low symptoms and many potential benefits, this performance enhancing drug shows great potential, but ultimately this decision comes down to the individual.

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